Healing Center

PAZ y LUZ Hotel & Healing Center located in the Sacred Valley of Pisac, offers healing, restoration and transformation. Diane Dunn, founder, healer and master in the Andean spiritual tradition, joins practitioners from different parts of the world to offer sessions in Andean Energy Healing. The healing arts currently available include guided meditations. Reiki, ThetaHealing, Aromatouch Therapy, yoga, various styles of massage, energy work, colon hydrotherapy(colonics), wholistic chiropractic, light therapy, breath work, sound healing, Cranio-Sacral, Mayan astrology, tradition astrology, astrocartography as well as journeys with the sacred plant medicine of San Pedro and Ayahuasca.

Courses in the Healing Arts from traditions around the world are offered in the conference facilities of Paz y Luz.

We encourage practitioners with training in various modalities to offer their services at Paz y Luz. If you are interested in being a part of the Healing Center please contact our manager.

Some members of our healing team:

Photo of Diane Dunn

Diane Dunn

email  www.dianedunn.net

Diane Dunn, author of  “CUSCO: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom”, and “CUSCO II: The Magic of the Munay-ki – A Love Story”, is a healer and master in the Andean Spiritual tradition. She is originally from New York and after a career in theatre, she graduated from Union Theological Seminary. In the 1990s she worked in South Africa just after the liberation of Nelson Mandela developing an outreach program for homeless people in downtown Johannesburg, where she lead a weekly support group and healing circle. In 2000 she moved to Peru where she built Paz y Luz.


Diane works with you to clear your energy fields, release blockages, identify problem areas and restore inner balance.


Connecting with the powerful mountain energy of the Sacred Valley, Diane guides you to work with your inner child, your spirit-guides or inner wisdom to discover new insights and heal old wounds.


Diane will give you 3 initiation rites from the Munay-Ki: the Healer Rite, the Seer Rite and the Bands of Power. The Munay-Ki Rites are given as the next step in the evolution of humanity, to realign and attune your frequencies and truly shift human consciousness.

Photo of Javier Regueiro
Javier Regueiro

tel. 984154349 in Pisac, Peru

A Spanish national born in Switzerland, Javier Regueiro studied Amazonian plant medicine and shamanism for 3 years in the Iquitos and Pucallpa areas, where he became a proficient ayahuasquero, and has been offering his services in Pisac to hundreds of people from all around the world since 2006. He also works with San Pedro cactus (Huachuma) and offers ceremonies with either medicine depending on the needs and wishes of each individual. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. He is also a certified Massage Therapist and Rebirther, and Avatar Master.


Javier’s work with these Master Plants is geared towards the healing of emotional and soul wounds as well as supporting each participant connect with their deepest truths and essence. He offers an experienced, mindful and respectful use of these medicines so that people can enjoy their healings, blessings and teachings in a safe and nurturing environment. The ceremonies are held in beautiful ceremonial spaces at the Ayaruna Center, which is located right next door to Paz y Luz. Ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 11 participants so that each participant is fully supported and guided before, during and after each ceremony. 250 S./ pp

Silke Fox

tel: 984 495 476 in Cusco Area, Peru.

Silke has had a keen interest in massage, crystals and “ hands-on-healing” since she was young. She followed her “ true calling” and studied various types of massage (Relaxation, Tibetan and Deep Tissue), Aromatherapy , Sound healing, various forms of Energy- and Bodywork and most recently the Initiation Rites of the Munay-Ki.For almost 10 years now  Silke has been developing her own style of  intuitive healing where she works with each client to meet their particular needs. Silke speaks English, German and some Spanish. She offers Munay-Ki rites, crystal stone, Tibetan and deep tissue massage.

Naomi Athena

email     www.naomiathena.com
tel: +51 985 683 in Taray/Pisac, Peru.

Naomi is a healing facilitator, spiritual coach, body worker, doula, yoga teacher, singer/songwriter, and has been working in the realm of sound healing for more than half a decade. She apprenticed with a Northen Medicine woman for 4 years and was passed down traditional women’s teachings. Over the past 4 years she has been apprenticing with a Shipibo lineage in the amazon and studying one of the most ancient forms of sound healing, the Icaro. Naomi incorporates sound and voice, aromatherapy, Chinese Massage, meridian work, Swedish massage, human anatomy, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian body work, acupressure, reflexology, Thai yoga massage and reiki into her unique healing sessions.

Hetty Driessen

e-mail  www.thetagateway.com
cell phone: +51 940 675 076

Hetty offers ThetaHealing, AromaTouch bodywork. Reiki & Transmits the Munay-Ki Rites. Hetty has been practicing and teaching ThetaHealing since 2002. In one session you can let go of many limiting programs that are holding you back from being the person you are meant to be. Hetty also offers Reiki sessions. She has been practicing Reiki since 1994. She offers and teaches all 4 levels of reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho way.Hetty is a teacher of the Munay-Ki as well. The Munay-Ki are the rites of the shaman’s path of the Q’ero nation of the Peruvian Andes., descendents of the Inka and Laika. Traditionally one must spend many years in sacred study to receive these initiatory rites, but the elders now believe we are at a critical juncture and the rites need to be transmitted to as many people as possible. Hetty delivers the 9 rites and teaches you to pass them on. This is about 7 hours of tuition over 2 days.

Sean West

cell phone: +51 992 451 164

Sean West has over 20 years of experience as a full-time massage therapist. He offers physical, energetic massage for general relaxation or deeper work for resolving emotional/physical issues and provides specialized treatment for chronic physical pain and chronic anxiety resolution. Based in the technique of Shiatsu massage, his own practice is very eclectic. Pregnancy massages available. Sean is also an experienced reader of Mirror Tarot, geared towards clarifying the moment and answering questions in a non-fortune-telling way.