Healing Center


Paz y Luz Hotel & Healing Center offers healing, restoration and transformation. Courses in the Healing Arts from traditions around the world are regularly offered in the conference facilities of Paz y Luz. If you are interested in being a part of the Healing Center please contact our manager.  Ayaruna Box

Some members of our healing team:

Diane Dunn – Andean & Energy Healing

email  www.dianedunn.net

Diane Dunn, author of  “CUSCO: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom”, and “CUSCO II: The Magic of the Munay-ki – A Love Story”, is a healer and master in the Andean Spiritual tradition. She is originally from New York and after a career in theatre, she graduated from Union Theological Seminary. In the 1990s she worked in South Africa just after the liberation of Nelson Mandela developing an outreach program for homeless people in downtown Johannesburg, where she lead a weekly support group and healing circle. In 2000 she moved to Peru where she built Paz y Luz.


Diane works with you to clear your energy fields, release blockages, identify problem areas and restore inner balance.


Connecting with the powerful mountain energy of the Sacred Valley, Diane guides you to work with your inner child, your spirit-guides or inner wisdom to discover new insights and heal old wounds.


Diane will give you 3 initiation rites from the Munay-Ki: the Healer Rite, the Seer Rite and the Bands of Power. The Munay-Ki Rites are given as the next step in the evolution of humanity, to realign and attune your frequencies and truly shift human consciousness.

Javier Regueiro – Master Plant Ceremonies

tel. 984154349 in Pisac, Peru

A Spanish national born in Switzerland, Javier Regueiro studied Amazonian plant medicine and shamanism for 3 years in the Iquitos and Pucallpa areas, where he became a proficient ayahuasquero, and has been offering his services in Pisac to hundreds of people from all around the world since 2006. He also works with San Pedro cactus (Huachuma) and offers ceremonies with either medicine depending on the needs and wishes of each individual. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. He is also a certified Massage Therapist and Rebirther, and Avatar Master.


Javier’s work with these Master Plants is geared towards the healing of emotional and soul wounds as well as supporting each participant connect with their deepest truths and essence. He offers an experienced, mindful and respectful use of these medicines so that people can enjoy their healings, blessings and teachings in a safe and nurturing environment. The ceremonies are held in beautiful ceremonial spaces at the Ayaruna Center, which is located right next door to Paz y Luz. Ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 11 participants so that each participant is fully supported and guided before, during and after each ceremony. 250 S./ pp

Javier also offers retreats both at his Ayaruna Centre and in Iquitos. Please visit the website for more details and jungle retreats.

Upcoming retreats in Pisac:

April 18-29 – San Pedro Retreat with 4 San Pedro Ceremonies

Sept 4-16 – Retreat with 2 San Pedro ceremonies and 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Seven Crow – Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicine & Holistic Treatments


Seven offers a unique blend of acupuncture, moxa, cupping, energy work, shiatsu &/or bodywork. Treatments are tailored to the individual, lasting 90 minutes. Herbal, nutritional and supplemental consultation is included. Taoist, Japanese and other Oriental medicine treatments have been known to help the following: stress, insomnia, mental health issues, fertility and pregnancy, pain management, circulation, heart and lung issues, diabetes, parasites and other gastrointestinal issues, headaches, women’s heath issues and children’s health. Seven offers the following treatments: acupunture, Chi Nei Tsang (deep abdominal massage), Herbal & Nutritional counselling, tailor-made herbal medicines, placenta encapsulation & doula support.

Mariana del Hoyo – Certified Biomagnetism & Bioenergetic therapist

e-mail  biomagnetismocusco.blogspot.pe
cell phone: +51 984 237 058

BIOMAGNETIC PAIR THERAPY is a therapeutic criteria which detects, classifies, measures & corrects fundamental alterations in the pH of living organisms. It is used to identify the origin of viral & bacterial diseases & glandular dysfunctions.

BIOENERGETIC therapy is used to scan spiritual & emotional imbalances through kinesic aura reading, diagnosing & correcting imbalances including aural ruptures, blocked chakras, implants, severed spiritual paths, & more.

Sean West – Shiatsu Style Massage & Tarot

cell phone: +51 992 451 164

Sean West has over 20 years of experience as a full-time massage therapist. He offers physical, energetic massage for general relaxation or deeper work for resolving emotional/physical issues and provides specialized treatment for chronic physical pain and chronic anxiety resolution. Based in the technique of Shiatsu massage, his own practice is very eclectic. Pregnancy massages available. Sean is also an experienced reader of Mirror Tarot, geared towards clarifying the moment and answering questions in a non-fortune-telling way.

Kyd Campbell – Equine Assisted Growth and Healing

kyd@frontierlab.org // www.frontierlab.org

Kyd Campbell has had the honor of working with horses all of her life. She has developed her own approaches to working with young horses involving daily contact and observance of the animals body language. Through personal experience she knows the possibilities for personal growth and grounding through contact with these animals. She received the internationally recognized EAGALA certification in Equine Assisted Growth & Learning in 2015 as an Equine Specialist. She is specialized in adaptation services for Expats, consulting for individuals and works in partnership with professional psychologists and therapists for services for special needs people and physiotherapy.

Sunshine – Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage, Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, MunayKi & Reiki

cell phone: +51 941 260 709

Improve your posture & increase your flexibility. Cleanse Stagnant Energy & revitalise your life. Decrease muscular tension & mental stress. Transform your relationship with your body. Includins pregnancy massage, Lomi Lomi, Raindrop Sessions and Neuromuscular Therapy.

Sylvie Trudel – Therapuetic Massage & Energetic & Spiritual Alignments

cell phone: +51 931 615 531

Sylvie offers Andean massage including essential oils, hot stones and compresses. Reflexology and lymphatic drainage. North American and Peruvian Native energy balancing and spiritual treatments including chakra purification and emotional print removal.